One of my good friends asked me for some natural products recommendations for her baby and inspired me to write this list of some of my favorite products that I have been using over the last 16 months! I try to be as natural as possible, but not everything is 100% EWG verified. These next […]

Pregnancy, Top Tips

October 8, 2019

My Favorite Natural Products For Baby!

I’m celebrating Misty’s first Birthday by sharing our birthing story… on this day, one year ago I was in LABOR!!! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in almost a whole YEAR… these twelve months have flown by, both of us adapting to each new phase and the growth that each month brings on ever deepening […]

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May 29, 2019

My Hypnobirthing Labor Story!!!

THE BEST The countdown is on!! It won’t be long until the little one is here! Finally a big, beautiful bump to flaunt around the supermarket, or in the line for the ladies loo…  Polite people letting you queue-jump 🙂 Maternity shoot – an excuse to get pretty photos to remember how beautiful pregnancy is… […]


May 25, 2018

The Best And Worst Of The Third Trimester

My husband and I decided to wait to find out the gender of our baby and are so excited to be surprised on the day!  He has thought the entire pregnancy that we’re going to have a girl, whilst I’ve been feeling quite a masculine energy and wonder if that means we’re having a boy??! […]

Pregnancy, Top Tips

May 19, 2018

Where To Shop For Cool Unisex Baby Clothes!

Best Gifts For A Pregnant Mama! Are you trying to find a great gift to buy your pregnant sister, cousin, daughter, niece, work colleague or even yourself?!  Look no further, here are some awesome gift suggestions for a natural-minded pregnant-mama as I share some of the goodies that I’ve been loving this pregnancy 1. MAMA MIO STRETCH […]


April 17, 2018

Best Gifts For A Pregnant Mama!

All About Hypnobirthing! Over the last few weeks, a lot of people have asked me whether I’m taking any birth classes. When I tell them that I’m taking The Marie Mongan Method Hypnobirthing Classes with Alisha Tamburri from ClearMind HypnoTherapy. It seems like a lot of people also ask ‘What is Hypnobirthing?’ and want to know how […]


April 4, 2018

All About Hypnobirthing!

How I’ve Stayed Healthy During Pregnancy As I’m deep in my Quantum Biofeedback Training Course right now I’m learning that anything that puts stress on the body can interrupt the flow of health. This can be as simple as the stress from dehydration, lack of vitamin support, or from toxins in the environment. Or as […]


March 22, 2018

How I’ve Stayed Healthy During Pregnancy

The Best And Worst of The Second Trimester As I’m about to embark into the unknown world of The Third Trimester, I’m reflecting back on what has been The Best and The Worst of The Second Trimester. It has definitely been a lot better than The First!  See what’s made the list…! THE BEST Finally […]


March 14, 2018

The Best And Worst of The Second Trimester

15 Natural Products That Have Helped Me Through The Second Trimester It was so nice to get out of the first trimester woods and finally start to feel relatively normal again. Aside from a stretching belly, round ligament pain, shortness of breath, unpredictable fatigue and Braxton Hicks, pregnant life has been relatively easy in trimester […]


March 7, 2018

15 Natural Products That Have Helped Me Through The Second Trimester

Why We Decided For Baby’s Gender To Be A Surprise… and Other Surprises Before I got pregnant I thought I had a loose idea of what pregnancy would be like for me, decisions I’d make, expectations I’d have, how I’d take to it and get through the 40(ish) weeks. But I have to say, there’s been […]


February 20, 2018

Why We Decided For Baby’s Gender To Be A Surprise

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