I am not a medical practitioner, for any health complications please consult with your doctor. 
These meditations do not claim to heal, cure or etc.
These meditations are created to support a calm mind and the benefits of a calm mind will help bring calm and relaxation into your body.

To be used in conjunction with your primary pregnancy healthcare.
Please do not listen whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.
Please do not listen to pregnancy meditations until you are in the relevant trimester.
Please do not listen to create your ideal birth until 32weeks. (need to check this)
Please do not listen to birth meditation until 36weeks. (need to check this)

I use the power of meditation, energy bodywork and sound vibration to calm the body and mind.
Reducing stress, enhancing wellbeing, helping you feel better.
Feel better in your pregnancy.
Trust that everything is going to be ok
Trust your body.
Feel reassured.
You are not alone

Additional Disclaimers

The materials contained in these meditations are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute medical, psychological, or otherwise professional advice.

Though meditation is generally regarded as safe, please consult with your health care provider before meditation if you have a history of mental health issues.

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